Party Time Caribbean Rum Punch

Back in the day as a very young man I started out working as a barman in my home country St Lucia, it was busy and rewarding, not least because I got to make lots of different cocktails, rum punch was always a pleasure to make and even now when we have a party I will always make my version which I now share with you!

Enjoy and be moderate, the punch slides down easy & can hit you pretty quick 🙂

Party size serving

1 litre carton of orange juice with bits

1 litre carton pineapple juice

½ litre freshly squeezed lemon juice

½ litre grenadine syrup

1 desert spoon of ground nutmeg

½ litre strong white rum (add more if you want to make it stronger)

7 -8 drops of angostura bitters, then taste, add more if you want to

Sugar syrup (4 table spoons of Demerara sugar + 120 ml of boiling water)

A few maraschino cherries

Pieces of fruit to garnish


Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl, stir and taste.

To make the sugar syrup

Dissolve 4 table spoons of Demerara sugar in 120ml of boiling water and stir until dissolved, allow to cool and add to the punch

Put the punch into the fridge to chill or the freezer if you need to be quick!

54961096 - christmas cocktail
Rum Punch Christmas Style

Serve with a ladle into glasses with or without ice, decorate with cherries













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