Time to upgrade your Great British BBQ

Sure, you could make the usual – potato salad, sweet corn – but it takes only a few simple steps to create something a little more memorable with some of our award winning sauces.

Here’s how to make your alfresco dining unforgettable and bring the Caribbean to life in your own backyard…

  • Visit your local Farmers Market
    Food that tells a story, is food that people remember. When we’re smokin’ up a storm in the garden, we use locally produced food. Visit your local farmer’s market and chat with the producers – you can then take the stories home with you. We like to find a perfect cut of meat, then pair it with a memorable Chef Bernie sauce like our Stir Fry Sauce.
  • Build a theme

Chef Bernie is originally from St Lucia in the Caribbean, so we always know what our theme is going to be! Using our sauces as inspiration, why not cook up a Mexican fiesta with the Smokey Hot Sauce or have Indian theme, complete with Bernie’s Coconut Curry Sauce, bhangra music and sari’s?

  • Prep in advance

Prepare your dishes in advance and you’ll have time to relax with a rum punch at your BBQ. Our recipes for BBQ Pork Ribs Jerk Style (with Jerk Paste) and Spicy Garlic Chicken (with Garlic Sauce) can both be prepared 24 hours in advance. Wow!

  • Cook ‘family-style’

Hailing from the Caribbean where hospitality is key, Bernie tends to cook things in large quantities rather than thinking about each little plate. Family-style dining also makes the BBQ feel more relaxed and reduces waste. Our Recipes for Green Banana Salad and traditional Rice ‘n Peas are all our family favorites.

  • Don’t forget the veggies!

Some people at your BBQ may be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free or meat free and Chef Bernie’s sauces are suitable for everyone on your guest list. Check out our BBQ recipes for Salt Fish Fritters, Grill Fish with Herbs (perfect with Banana Ketchup), Jerk Tofu and our Veggie Fritters with Mango Chilli Sauce.

  • Keep it Saucy

Don’t forget to set up an array of Chef Bernie sauces for dipping and dolloping. Try Tomato Ketchup with your bangers and for more heat add a splash of Very Hot Sauce.

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