About us

Chef Bernie makes award winning vegan and gluten free sauces at ‘Sauce Central’ an 1100 sq ft unit in Bevois Valley,  Southampton. Sauces span mild to very hot in the ‘Condiment Range’, with cooking sauces in the ‘Tropical Range’ free from added sugar, in mild medium and hot.  With a belief that all food is better as natural as possible, only the best ingredients are used with some organic and definitely no thickeners or fillers to bulk up the sauces.

Customers can pop around by appointment to purchase or buy online and either pick up or have their order sent to them via overnight courier.

Foodie lovers can attend live COOKIN’s  where they can explore Caribbean tastes, discuss ingredients, receive the latest free recipe books and more… and why not go one step further and join ‘The Sauce Club’ for discounts on Live COOKIN’s, sauces and cookery classes.
Chef Bernie from St Lucia and his British wife Caroline love to cook and inspire people to try new tastes. 2019 a big year of transition for many with the Chef Bernie focus on plant based recipes that are tasty and nourishing, join us and make this the best year ever.
From our table to yours, with love,
Bernie & Caroline-2

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