About us

I love to bring you funky delicious sauces that all of the family can enjoy, thats why my sauces are vegan, wheat and dairy free ranging from mild through to blow your head off hot!

I love feeding people! I make all my products with passion and the love of clean simple ingredients, just like you would make it at home, my greatest wish is that you enjoy cooking with me, using my sauces to bring you inspiration and joy to the meals you make, I hope to tickle your tastebuds and give you products that will fill you with foodie pleasure.

On my blog you will find recipes some of which use my sauces and some which Caroline & I have made without. We share with you what we eat at home and we mainly keep things as simple as possible to encourage you to have a go. Being so busy ourselves we are often home late and understand that we all sometimes need to make a tasty dinner in a short space of time.

We welcome your feedback and love to hear from you,

Bon Appétit

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Nothing artificial just a little bit of added Caribbean sunshine!

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