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Who’s growing the Scorpions?

CA1C6781-85D6-478D-82E0-501080705FF7 Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback we’ve been getting about our limited edition  Special Reserve Hot Sauce. We are so delighted that you love the heat and the taste. 

Our sauce wouldn’t be so special, if it wasn’t for the tasty but deadly Trinidad Scorpion Peppers grown by our friend Yvonne from Yvonne’s Plants We buy our peppers from Yvonne because she never uses pesticides and chemicals, she helps nature work its magic.

So we’d like to say a big thank you to Brave Heart and Chester, Yvonne’s friends horses who’ve provided all the special reserve manure that’s kept our plants well fed. 

And an even bigger thank you to all the little fat ladybirds who ate all the bugs who would have otherwise damaged the plants.

And finally a big thanks to Frank and Pippa, Yvonne’s dogs who have guarded the Trinidad Scorpion Plants from any marauding Bandidos and pepper thieves!

A few facts about Trinidad Scorpions:

  • Are so hot they were deemed the hottest pepper in the world at one time and although not quite the hottest pepper out there now, overtaken by the Carolina Reaper they are still a pepper to be very cautious of!
  • Scoville Scale 1,000,000 – 1,463,700 SHU
  • The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper is a Capsicum chinense cultivar that is among the most piquant peppers in the world. It is indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago

To purchase this sauce pop over to our shop  and we will send it over to you.

Chef Bernie wins 4th award in 3 months!

We were blown away at Guildford Cheese and Chilli Festival when we received our fourth award in just 3 months! Our Guildford winner was our Sweet Pepper and Ginger Sauce, coming first in the Mild Sauce category.

Continue reading Chef Bernie wins 4th award in 3 months!

Coconut Curry Sauce Winner!

We so very chuffed to have won a first prize with our Curry Coconut Sauce at Christchurch Cheese & Chilli Show in Hampshire.


The Curry Coconut is part of our Tropical Range which has no added sugar with the natural sweetness coming from sun dried tomato, it’s now become our best selling sauce.

Facebook Live - Full ColorLook out for more recipes both on our cooking shows on Tuesday Nights 7PM GST on Facebook Live

Check out a scrumptious vegan recipe of Papaya & Coconut Curry

Update on our subscription service

Thank you everyone who took part these are the results

93% of people said they would like to have a subscripton either for themselves or as a present for someone. With as much flexibility to length and frequency as possible.

Most people either wanted it monthly or bi monthly, and again most people wanted a good variity with recipes that went with what came in the box.

Results for what goes in the box were mainly Chef Bernie’s Sauces with a smattering of other brands and rubs, chilli salts and marinades high on the scores.

A third of the people also wanted a Chef Bernie apron so that might be something we can add in as a flexible option.

We are busy getting the ideas into a framework and will be launching in January 2017!

Drop us an email if you are interested in keeping up with the launch 🙂

End of summer musings & news

Although it’s not yet the end of the proper year, for us it seems that way because we moved into our unit two years ago in August, we feel so blessed with the support from our customers and friends and we have grown in so many ways, not just sales. The business is taking off with new idea’s, products and recipes coming thick and fast and we just want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone. Continue reading End of summer musings & news

The Home of our Sauces

The last few weeks have been really exciting for us, not only have we been on BBC radio Solent doing a sauce tasting, but we have also been talking to lots of interesting people about our sauces.

Meeting new people always gives us an opportunity to share stories about our sauces but last week we realised we very rarely tell the story of how our sauces began.

Bernie and I met in St Lucia sixteen years ago this Christmas. We built our first home together on a patch of land which  Bernie’s Dad James rents from government.

James has lived on ‘his’ land for over 40 years, tending his cow, growing his produce and swinging his machete at the wayward branches of the trees and bushes which thrive in this hot damp fertile climate.

We built our plywood house with its hot tin roof, over several weeks to the sounds of Bob Marley  coming  across the valley from the one and only house in the area with electricity and a stereo.

The Farm view from houseWe raised our house up on stilts so we could enjoy the most spectacular views across the valley down to the crystal blue ocean and the wonderfully golden sands. Every morning Bernie would walk down the steep rocky track to collect water from a  communal standpipe.

Life was simple, we would collect our mango’s, coconuts, and bananas from the trees outside our house. We spent our days lazying on the beach or shopping at the  local fish market for dorado, tuna or swordfish.

We spent our evenings listening to the song of the tree frogs and cooking a meal of fish, plantain, dasheen, lentils and rice on our little gas stove. Every meal was always accompanied by one of Bernie’s wonderful home made sauces.

When we came to the Uk life got way more complicated and we exchanged our plywood house for a 3rd floor flat and our sea view for a view of Southampton student blocks!  And instead of collecting our fruit from our own trees we started buying our mangos and bananas from Axtons one of our lovely wholesalers.

So our sauces and their unique and special tastes always remind us of  that wonderful year we spent in St Lucia. Our banana ketchup was created on Christmas Day as an accompaniment to Fish Stew and reminds us of sitting outside in the heat sharing a meal at sundown.

This year Bernie and I have decided to celebrate Christmas the St Lucian way with Fish Stew accompanied by Bob Marley and a little banana ketchup.

So however you are celebrating Christmas we hope you have a wonderful time and if you do try one of our sauces then may you experience a ray of Caribbean sunshine to light up this dark time!

Happy Christmas and a brilliant 2016

What is Jerk Anyway?

Researching the word ‘Jerk’ has been interesting, with different meanings in different countries, it is even used as a boys name in Scandinavia although they do put an ‘h’ behind the ‘J’ (Jherk).  Here in the UK  we would be most offended if some was to call us a ‘jerk’!

In the Caribbean the word Jerk Continue reading What is Jerk Anyway?