Coconut Prawns with Banana Ketchup – Yum!

Like everything in life Banana Ketchup can be both decadently sweet and sumptuously  savoury so why not try the Chef Bernie way of indulging? for an alternative starter try coconut shallow fried prawns with banana ketchup as a delicious dipping sauce!

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What is Jerk Anyway?

Researching the word ‘Jerk’ has been interesting, with different meanings in different countries, it is even used as a boys name in Scandinavia although they do put an ‘h’ behind the ‘J’ (Jherk).  Here in the UK  we would be most offended if some was to call us a ‘jerk’!

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Chef Bernie’s Banana Ketchup

IMG_1335Chef Bernie’s Banana Ketchup  

Bringing a fruity twist to your day!

It’s like no other! It’s fun, fruity, spicy, versatile and ohhhh so very delicious! – Use to bring your food to life, sausages, burgers, curries, pancakes and even vanilla ice cream! Yep it’s weird but it works! Continue reading Chef Bernie’s Banana Ketchup

Nothing artificial just a little bit of added Caribbean sunshine!

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