Cheesy Bacon Pasta with Sweet Pepper & Mustard Sauce

Both Caroline & I love pasta cheesy dishes when the winter is in full swing as it is now in the UK. Being from  St Lucia we would be eating Mac & Cheese instead even though its hot! I love how versatile pasta is and we tend to use different types, gluten free too sometimes as there are some very good choices to be had. Anyway try this one out I think you might like it as much as we do. Continue reading Cheesy Bacon Pasta with Sweet Pepper & Mustard Sauce

Banana Ketchup Chicken Curry

I have to say this is one of the best curries we have eaten this year! I hear some of you saying ‘Banana Ketchup’ thats weird and we say yes it is but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

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Smokey Hot Lamb with Beetroot

This is the time for slow cooked casseroles, deep winter colours and food to keep you warm. The beetroot gives it extra colour and a tasty, slightly earthy flavour, just don’t wear a white T shirt when you are eating it.
Recipe serves two hungry people, best cooked in a slow cooker or casserole
Cook for 4 hours on high heat in a slow cooker, longer on a low heat OR casserole in the oven for 2 hours on 180℃

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Party Time Caribbean Rum Punch

Back in the day as a very young man I started out working as a barman in my home country St Lucia, it was busy and rewarding, not least because I got to make lots of different cocktails, rum punch was always a pleasure to make and even now when we have a party I will always make my version which I now share with you! Continue reading Party Time Caribbean Rum Punch

Caribbean one pot with dumplings

This is a Caribbean one pot that we used to make back home it’s very filling and will keep you for the whole day. It’s a Caribbean equivalent to a British stew! If you want a more spicy version add a teaspoon of my very hot sauceContinue reading Caribbean one pot with dumplings

Update on our subscription service

Thank you everyone who took part these are the results

93% of people said they would like to have a subscripton either for themselves or as a present for someone. With as much flexibility to length and frequency as possible.

Most people either wanted it monthly or bi monthly, and again most people wanted a good variity with recipes that went with what came in the box.

Results for what goes in the box were mainly Chef Bernie’s Sauces with a smattering of other brands and rubs, chilli salts and marinades high on the scores.

A third of the people also wanted a Chef Bernie apron so that might be something we can add in as a flexible option.

We are busy getting the ideas into a framework and will be launching in January 2017!

Drop us an email if you are interested in keeping up with the launch 🙂

Chef Bernie’s Caribbean comfort veggie recipe

My new Jerk Cooking Sauce is so easy to use, you can add it to any meat of fish or vegetables for a quick easy meal. Add at the beginning of your cooking for meat and fish and towards the end for veggies. Continue reading Chef Bernie’s Caribbean comfort veggie recipe

End of summer musings & news

Although it’s not yet the end of the proper year, for us it seems that way because we moved into our unit two years ago in August, we feel so blessed with the support from our customers and friends and we have grown in so many ways, not just sales. The business is taking off with new idea’s, products and recipes coming thick and fast and we just want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone. Continue reading End of summer musings & news