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Join us on Facebook on Tuesday evenings for VIRTUAL COOKIN’s!Facebook Live - Full Color

Tuesday evenings at 7.00 pm BST

Starting April  25th 2017

Every Tuesday evening you can join us on Facebook and watch us cooking a meal for two, we will be using our sauces and cooking with lovely fresh ingredients to make supper, we hope you will be inspired to join in and cook with us in your own homes! Follow along step by step and finish with a delicious  meal.

Chef Bernie_Blue Bowl_explaining_48

Each month we will cook 4  different recipe’s .

  • 1 x Vegan
  • 1 x Fish
  • 1 x Meat
  • 1 x Vegetarian 

To receive the monthly info on which sauces we are using and what ingredients we will be using fill in your info below.

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See you soon

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