July – August 2017

Hi, this is the archive of live Cook’ins that we did in 2017 You can find some of these recipes in our downloadable ebook.


11th – Local Juice,  Jerk Chicken & Green Banana Salad

18th – Herbed Fish, Mango Sauce and Coleslaw

25th – Caribbean Vegan Fritters with Jerk Sauce and a Sweet Pumpkin Relish


1st  – Veggie Skewers and Tropical Banana Ketchup Dessert

8th – Coconut Lamb Curry with herbed fried potatoes and crispy pineapple salad

15th – Monkfish Jerk style with Aubergine and creamy spaghetti

22nd – Caribbean Roti with burnt sugar chicken with a dash of very hot sauce to taste!

29th – Vegan Sunflower Burgers with Sweet Potato Chips and Sweet Pepper & Mustard Sauce

Nothing artificial just a little bit of added Caribbean sunshine!