May – June

Hi, this is the page you can see what is going to be cooked over the next 4 weeks on Tuesday evenings Live Facebook Streaming.

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Also below, if the recipe is not yet in our book or on the blog we will include the ingredient list below so you can purchase them and be ready to cook with us.

25th April – Tropical Prawns

2nd May – Caribbean Sunshine Supper (Vegetarian)

9th May – Papaya and Cashew Nut Curry with Rice ‘n Peas (Vegan)

Papaya & Cashew Curry Coconut Sauce

Banana Ketchup Curry
Chef Bernie’s Banana Ketchup Curry

23rd May – Banana Ketchup Curry – Sorry filming malfunction! Put back to next week.

with Banana Ketchup

6th June – Fish Supper with Sweet Potato

with Tropical Sweet Pepper Sauce

20th June – Tropical Sweet Pepper Medley (vegan)

with  Tropical Sweet Pepper Sauce

27th June – Black Bean Stew (Vegan) Not in recipe book

Recipe here

with Chef Bernie’s Tomato Ketchup

Black Bean Stew
Black Bean Stew

4th July – no cooking show as we have our LIVE COOKIN’ at our unit

Making the perfect Caribbean BBQ! Buy Tickets Here


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Nothing artificial just a little bit of added Caribbean sunshine!

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